farmer with produce8. What is a Virtual / Managed learning Environment and how can it work in conjunction with BABA initiative?

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) provides access to the world of web based learning. It removes the technical burden and frees you to take control of your learning material, course development, learner assessment, learner support and communications between individuals and groups all over the world in real time. No special equipment is required, live interaction to seminars, conferences, training promoting innovation at the cost of a local telephone call. VLE/MLE - (Virtual/Managed Learning Environment) is a "Hands On" approach provided by Clifton Packaging to all satellite BABA Centre's of Excellence in Africa from the Clifton HQ in the United Kingdom.

Flexibility of location - web based learning allows for study wherever a learner has access to a computer.

Flexibility of scheduling - learning can be undertaken when it suits the individual. Learning can take place to fit around work patterns, shift patterns and personal commitments.

Self-Pacing - learners can study at their own pace, revisiting modules and testing acquired knowledge as often as needed.

Consistent delivery - students have access to the same knowledge base and delivery methods.

Material is Easily Expanded and Updated - Trainers can easily develop, alter and upload new material to keep pace with progress and changes.

Online Support - web based learning provides for 'on line' support allowing individuals to have 'one to one' or, 'one to many' discussions with learners.

Feedback - Trainers are able to monitor learners study patterns and progress, offering timely support where needed.

Knowledge Banks - access to ever growing banks of knowledge accessible 24/7. Knowledge is gained from the development of learning material, seminars, recording of individual fault finding support, statutory documentation/regulations and many other sources. The knowledge is captured and made available when needed.

Online Forums - users can post technical questions 'on line' which would be directed to other people who are interested, have experience in the problem and can discuss solutions.

Online Conferencing - provision of video conferencing on a 'one to one' or, 'one to many' basis with provision for 'real time', interactive, web learning and business support. The focus will be centred on education, training, improving competitiveness, and promote knowledge transfer programmes.

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