farmer with produce5. What is BABA Centre of Excellence and how will Africa Benefit from this?

Khalid has been the driving force behind the creation of BABA Centre's of Excellence in Africa. With accumulation of 25 years experience and wealth of knowledge in the food and processing packaging industry, he feels that his experience would be of immense value to Africa. The joint partnership with COMESA will be the starting point in bringing a vast knowledge of innovative agro food processing and packaging and how it could add value to the already valuable organically grown crops available in Africa.

BABA Centre's of Excellence will help the African packaging industry to develop its competitiveness and be able to compete in foreign markets worldwide through learning, innovation and knowledge and greatly improve Africa's skill shortage in this industry.

BABA will be associated with the following:- most purchasing decision re influenced by consumers perception of the products link to ethical issues, especially in the west, it has become a 'fashionable trend', to attract the consumer with respect to development of Africa, connecting people (ethical consumerism) with natural organic products, empowering rural farmers, use of no-exploitable labour, creation of jobs in disadvantaged communities, no gender discriminations, reducing levels of poverty of disadvantaged communities and improve their livelihoods, give them fair wages and keeping in the forefront sustainable development. The Centre's of Excellence will encourage and promote education to its workers and be highly successful enterprise.

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