farmer with produce4. What is BABA? - Why will the BABA concept be successful in Africa

With food security very high on the agenda for many developing African countries, BUY AFRICAN BUILD AFRICA could change the overall dynamics by advocating best practices by giving and sharing knowledge and expertise in food processing and packaging technologies from Clifton Packaging Group Plc. To set up world class Centre's of Excellence within the COMESA Region, bringing 'hands on' knowledge transfer programmes in real time through Virtual Learning Environment, high quality packaging for value addition for Africa, using state of the art technology to raise the profile of African packaging for both local consumption and worldwide export utilising the local agro produce and undertaking the initiative to promote sustainable agriculture and sustainable production.

Improving food production is of paramount importance and reducing waste by increasing the shelf-life of fresh produce will create more demand for local products. Africa needs to improve marketing of agriculture produce and reduce waste. Farm surpluses dumped on the lesser developing countries by developing countries are driving the farmers out of business. It is time for Africa to profit from a boost in agriculture, starting with Buy African Build Africa,

The way things are today, keeps the developing world in a terrible situation - it is institutionalised poverty created and upheld by unfair trade. To improve their infrastructure, which again would have enabled them to produce more food. It is actually very simple, by denying them access to the markets and dictating prices is close to "legalised" robbery. Africa will never get out of the mud huts to improve their efficiency. BABA is the answer. BABA will develop and encourage farmers, Micro & SME's to directly capitalise on selling their products to boost profits and remain competitive in the open market. Unless they promote the value of their product, access to international markets will remain limited. Value addition only comes with Knowledge, and knowledge transfer programmes is what is needed in Africa. Packaging is a very specialised and complex process, get it wrong and your product fails, get it right and it can be groundbreaking success to penetrate high quality markets, BABA is the answer. Unfortunately, one of the things lacking in Africa is good quality, professional packaging.

Clifton Packaging Group Plc are a UK based Food Processing Packaging and Films Manufacture. Who have taken the initiative to anchor their expertise, technical knowledge, resources and state of the art printing of word class food packaging products to build and improve the African Continent's packaging, with innovative design and quality manufactured packaging and establishing sound business links between the COMESA Region to produce International standard packaging thus, taking the vast resources of raw food products already available to a new dimension. BUY AFRICAN BUILD AFRICA will be a catalyst for Africa and will appeal and drive the consumer to purchase the products and open doors in such a way as to not only increase financial profitability, but also to generate economic wealth which is so desperately needed starting with the farmers who have not been able to move into higher value sectors.

The horizon of hope - To extend its reach into international markets, Africa has to first and foremost start at home, improve its packaging standards which will be pivotal to success in the international market.

The first Flag ship of Centre of Excellence in Zambia will be the turning point and there will be no going back to basics.

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