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Hello Kithure,

How are you sir? I got your e-mail address from The Standard yesterday after reading your story on Khalid Sheikh. That was a very motivational and moving story. I wish all wahindi (asians) were as dedicated to the welfare of the fellow Africans like Khalid. I believe the man will make a difference if our always bickering Government gives him a chance to set up his firm in the country. I am a businesswoman in Nairobi and my business was those affected by last early this year's general election violence. When I read Khalid's story, I got courage to overcome hurdles and realize my dreams. Good feature article, please accept my regards and hope this Khalid will be a success.

Thank you. Sheila Maina.

- Good evening Lauren,

Thank you for these priceless materials, especially web links. Mr. Khalid's electrifying presentation won my heart. I wish he stayed a little longer in Kenya! Actually, there is a newspaper story I am doing about him, I wish I can get latest and clearer pix. Kind regards,


- Hallo Kithure,

I must say am speechless after reading the article on Khalid. The flow of the story is very lovely, pictures clear and to get a three page article? I must say I am impressed. It was the talk of town all day!! Khalid is a true man who after reading his story opened my eyes. If he is serious am sure he will surely turn Africa round. Very powerful article on a muindi by an African i must say this is one of the best published story i have ever read in a very long time. We need to hear more about this gentleman, Mr. Khalid our own man. Keep up the good work Mr. Kithure!!

Regards, Miss Dama.

- Hi Khalid

Very very high impact ! Reads just right, the photos / pictures, the family make it emotional. As we discussed previously the matter of pride for one of our own - born in Kenya - " Wahindi " is also unique! This is now NATIONAL . and BABA can only grow and grow and for everyone on big stage to take notice. Speak to you soon

Regards Dinesh

- Dear Family and Friends:

Just want to share the success story or my friend and future business partner in the UK. We hope to start an operation in Ghana soon. Khalid is the kind of guy that you will never grow tire of listening to because his story makes you want to see a victory at the end. We will visit President Obama in the White House one day.

Regards, Bill

- Khalid,

My immigration lawyer's name is a Khalid, I also escaped from Kenya 6 years ago with similar situation like yours. Khalid a lawyer in Winnipeg was able to fight for me live in canada permanently. However, I have started an International Humanitarian NGO to help in conflict and humanitarian issues. Please call me and I will be happy to talk with you. I have been accepted to Oxford and Coventry for masters in Disaster Management on October 2008, However, I will see how that goes. Your story is powerful, is one of a kind I have ever read. I wish that one day I meet you.

Sincerely, Shem Ogamba

- First of all my heartiest congratulations to you. It is indeed a great achievement to rise from the Lowest level to reach the Top.

Best Regards, Shankar Raman

- Another good comment...I have thanked him for your kind words.

Dear Khalid I met you when you presented your speech at the Holiday Inn at the business conference. It was immediately clear that you had an agenda that resonated with me in making a difference in the lives of Kenyans, at the drop of a hat you accepted an invitation to come talk to a group of friends regarding your success in business. I believe you are an icon on the UK business community, now it's to see that translated to the Kenyan context...and I know you will...over to you

Khalid Kiiru Mahiaini

- Khalid: You just can't help yourself. When you got it flout it. And you GOT IT my man. Keep on knotting them down like bowling balls. Congratulations again my Friend. This is where you want to be right now, and saying what you are saying. The world needs to hear what you have to say- NOW. Go kick some more ass.

Sincerely, Bill

- Dear Khalid,

Once again, congratulations on achieving yet another landmark in your pursuit for perfection. It is indeed an honour for you to be recognised overseas, specially in Kenya. Credit goes to you and the team at Clifton packaging for the original work carried out. I recall the trip we had together in 1995 to east Africa, and have seen your rising since then to such wonderful heights. May God give you the strength, the persistence, and the blessings to reach even higher pinnacles.

Regards, Suresh

- Hi Khalid,

Great, great! Comments and phone calls from people in Mombasa, a doctor called Eric and a Nairobi businessman called Sammy Muchai of Dolphins International are all grateful that such person really exists. I didn't expect this profile to be this incisive in shaping readers opinions. And this is just the starting Mr. Khalid! Good night and THIS IS THE START OF YOUR BIG DREAMS IN AFRICA!

Regards, Kithure

- Hi Khalid,

Great, great! Comments and phone calls from people in Mombasa, a doctor called Eric and a Nairobi businessman called Sammy Muchai of Dolphins International are all grateful that such person really exists. I didn't expect this profile to be this incisive in shaping readers opinions. And this is just the starting Mr. Khalid! Good night and THIS IS THE START OF YOUR BIG DREAMS IN AFRICA!

Regards, Kithure

- Yes, yes, Khalid. People in Mombasa, a doctor called Eric GItonga and a Nairobi businessman called Sammy MUchai are all gratitude to you. They are among many people who have been calling me asking I do a more deeper story on who exactly is Khalid. This is the start of your big dream and I am happy this story has been this incisive and influential. God works in miracle and this is your time Khalid.

Kind regard Kithure.

- Hi Khalid

Hope you and the family are well? Thanks for the email, we read it, were very impressed and thought how proud you and your family must feel and how very proud you parents would have been if they were here to see their children's success through hard work and such commitment. Congratulations on all you have achieved and good luck for all you still want to achieve in the future!

Kind regards Andy and Terri Workman

- Respected Khalid Sahib,

I just finished reading the article about your life story....I must say I am very impressed and I salute you! To become rich and famous is one thing...but to use it to help others flourish as well....the act is highly commendable. If you ever visit Pakistan do let me know, I would be honored to meet with you. I too am struggling female entrepreneur and possess the same kind of passion to excel. Your story is a source of inspiration me...and to many others... If you ever require the services of a highly talented US born trainer/speaker/or management let me can find these three in one right here....ME !! Thank you and do keep in touch

Regards, Marryam Chaudhry

- Dear Khalidbhai,

Accept My heartfelt salaam. Read your article and as usual the story reminds me of Khalid - the warrior, the friend, the philosopher, the guide and most important a truely god gifted person who has the ability to mobilize and motivate people in his own different way then other management gurus'. I truely salute you - my brother and wish that the campaign BABA which you have started continues and the goal set in your mind is achieved very soon. I am as i always said on your side for betterment of any community, country as for me business means empowering the less privileged and ignored people instead of exploitation. Keep sending me your newsletters which makes me very happy and proud.

Regards, Minesh Shah

- Dear Family and Friends:

This is probable as good as it gets for some working at making their Dreams come true when you start from "Zero". But for a Dream Maker like Khalid, it will surely get better. And the reason is because he has just gotten started now in making other's Dreams come true. We don't just mean people alone, but Nations and Continents. Please share this Good News and Testimonies with all your friends and family. For once, we have Good News to share instead of how bad life is for so many. God Bless Khalid for keeping his Dream(s) alive and now sharing them with all of us. Truly a God's Blessing,


- Dear Khalid,

Another feather in your cap, but just another day's work for you !! Clifton never ceases to amaze, with the ceaseless quest for excellence! It is needless to wish you luck - Clifton doesn't need it - your commitment, drive and enthusiasm will ensure that what you reach out for will come into ypour grasp. Keep Shining !

Best Regards Santhosh Henkel CAC

- Quite brilliant, I saw your article, very nice. I wish we could get deeper details on trials and tribulations of Khalid when he was a no-one in UK and how his successful empire started. I mean hard details of the man! I am an upcoming young entrepreneur in Nairobi I find Khalid's story a text-book-like guideline to one's achievement of set goals, financial and circumstantial hurdles notwithstanding! Good piece and I cannot wait to engage Mr. Khalid face to face!

Thanks Sam Muchai.

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